April 14, 2024

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How Long Does the Average Man Last in Bed?


– Welcome, we have a very special show for you today of never before seen stories and some fun and amazing topics. Lets start with this one from our too hot for TV show. Successful adult film star made headlines recently after admitting in an interview, that although he’s famous for his manhood, when it comes to being with his wife, he’s more of a two minute kind of guy.

So this is a British adult film star, he even has his penis insured for a million dollars. – He’s in the industry, we’ve known that a lot of celebrities insure different parts, Jennifer Lopez, they say that she insured her booty for maybe 27 million. I mean there are different celebrities that have insured body parts if it’s in your business that it’s part of your business I completely understand, but when it comes I think men get caught up too much in how long they last. I think you take care of your woman, foreplay starts before, you take care of her, you love her, you show her that she’s your queen and you take control in the bed, don’t worry about how long you last! – Foreplay counts too right? – [Rosie] Foreplay counts. – That’s part of the countdown, right? (laughter) Two minutes of foreplay and then two minutes of go-go then it counts as four. – [Rosie] I don’t know but on a serious note, oh God. – [Jedidiah] No, I completely agree with you, I completely agree. – [Rosie] You guys are too caught up in how long you guys are gonna last instead of being focused in the moment, being present, and enjoying that moment and connecting. – In fairness though, for men, premature ejaculation is a real medical problem and the truth is most men think they need to last for 30, 45 minutes.https://www.lifewire.com/five-ways-to-meet-people-online-3482695 According to most surveys, adequate is three to seven minutes, most desirable, seven to 13, six minutes is the average.

If you don’t last more than two minutes, you know you’re not getting to enjoy it as much as you might want to as well. This case is so unique because he’s an adult film star. So he has to last, I’m trying to figure out how he can, a film lasts for however long he lasts, I’ve not seen his film, I admit it. – He gives at the office, he comes home he doesn’t want to have to perform. That’s like me coming home and someone, can I have some Botox and will you examine my breasts?


No I’m done by the time I get home. (applause) – I mean, how can you have a personal relationship when you’re in that kind of industry? – There’s a huge connect between mind and penis, basically, I mean, you know if he’s not feeling right because he’s got some guilt from what he’s been doing all day, he might not perform as good for his wife. – [Travis] Or, how about this, how long can you have sex in a given day before, we’re talking about chaffing, we’re talking about, there are some legitimate concerns if you’re an adult film star, come on! – Which goes back to insuring it for a million dollars, that’s your livelihood. – How do you cash in on that insurance policy? – For example, I bet you if he got erectile dysfunction he could collect for example. – That’d be an interesting policy to look at. – Easy thing you could do is some grapefruits, healthy foods that you could add to your diet if you want to increase staying power, give it a little more oomph, so to speak. Eat seafood, strawberries, raspberries, all good stuff. Now if you come home every night, your wife has left you a big bowl of this stuff, I think that’s a hint that she wants a little longer. – No I will agree, there is some health stuff you can do with that.

Red meat for example, helps out with the cholesterol that form sex hormones, so red meats good. Then just exercise as well. – [Andrew] That’s exactly it. – The Men’s Health Guide talk about it as well. – Your sexual health goes hand in hand with your overall health, good heart health. – Absolutely. – They all go hand in hand if you’re healthy. – The two most important sex organs are the genitals and the brain. And blood flow is essential for both of those to operate. While I love that you brought up the importance of exercise. But I will say this, at the end of the day as a woman, you just want your man to be invested in you because there’s a lot, no one ever talks about how much anxiety there can be for men, to perform.

And it’s not one of those things where you can just as a man say, alright guy, lets go! And be perfect every time, and a lot of guys feel anxiety about it. – Have you ever felt anxiety growing up? – [Andrew] Of course! What man hasn’t? – Every man has. – Every man has had that for whatever reason and you know this whole thing about time, you know it varies, sometimes it’s minutes, sometimes it’s longer. – And the other thing is you can have terrible and great sex with the same woman. So you know, you’re just meeting someone you’re just a little nervous, well whatever, you know, you go through it it’s not that great.

You stay with them a little while you develop some deeper connection, you can have amazing sex with a woman you had very poor sex with in the beginning. – Is this personal experience? – No, I mean there’s like, you know– – You can share, it’s okay. – There’s variance you know what I mean. – Well Jedidiah, so we actually have on the phone, Cindy who you met last, just kidding.