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What I Got My Boyfriend for His Birthday & Anniversary | Gift Ideas for Him / Boyfriend


Hey guys! My name is Johanna for those of you who do not know me which is most of you because the world is so huge But yes, hello. How’s it going? And for those of you who have seen me before? Hi, welcome back Okay.

Well today’s video you obviously know what it’s about, but I’m gonna be showing you what I got my boyfriend for his birthday for our anniversary It’s not all the gifts. I’m still gonna get him some more but this is what I have so far And I’m also going to add on some other ideas, basically To maybe help you find something for your man or your brother dad Whoever hopefully this is very helpful for you The main reason I’m making this video is because it’s taking me a while to figure out what to get my boyfriend because I get very Detail-oriented and I get very like no this is not good enough. I want to get him something that he’ll really enjoy and really love so basically it takes me a while and Hopefully with this video it’s it’s basically all in one video that you can go ahead and get some ideas and and implement it in your gift giving so, um, Yeah, so I thought this would be helpful hopefully this is helpful for you and hopefully you like this video and yeah Just just go ahead and like it right now.

Yeah, just do it. Yeah do it. Yeah, cool? Okay, cool Um, so I’m just gonna start off with the video and I’m gonna start showing you everything and yeah so one of the things that I got him is This notebook Basically, this doesn’t even look like a notebook to me when I first saw it.https://www.meetup.com/topics/singles-over-50/us/ny/new_york/

I got this at Disneyland I’m not sure. If like the Disney Store sells it or anything like that Um, if they do I’ll go ahead and link it down below and everything But basically this is a notebook, but it looks like the movie, you know what I mean the VHS movie at least for me from afar right now You probably are looking and you’re like, no it doesn’t but it really really did in person. But this is basically a notebook For him to write whatever he wants. I’m not sure if he’ll really use it But I thought this was very neat so you can at least like put it in display put it in display is what I did but it didn’t show in the camera another creative thing you can do is buy him a notebook and Write a little letter write a letter or a little note and be like it’s just a reminder to tell you that I love you and you know, if you ever forget just read it but obviously you should never forget But anyways, yes, so this is one of the things that I got him Yeah, okay the next thing I got him is a book I wrote a book guys I am an author Well kind of not really but you know I like to say that I am now, you know, this looks legit it’s a hardcover book and This is how it looks like from the front and the back it says love book That’s the website where I made this basically you get creative you write whatever you want. You edit it However, you like you put whatever images of you guys you’d like For instance.

I’ll show you a page It says I love that you made my birthday absolutely amazing and special. Happy birthday so I did this right here and I customized myself this is a giraffe because he took me to ahhh airplane I’ll just wait Okay, so basically Um, you see here, I added certain things because it reminds me of my birth dates what he did for me this year There’s actually a vlog of him Surprising me for my birthday and I recorded everything so if you guys want to watch that I’ll link it down below in the description box, but He took me to go feed giraffes because he knows I love giraffes. He got me gifts He got me a camera, which I’m using right now to you know Talk to you guys We went to sky space la that’s why I put that on top But yeah, so this is really neat. This is I don’t know I really love this.


But yes a book! a book!! who would who would expect you to give them a Customized book about them or your lives, you know Okay. So the next thing I got for him is a keychain I know that’s random and weird but a keychain You can go ahead and put me in his keys and have a reminder of me all the time but this is how.. it came like this in this packaging in this little Ziplock bag and That’s how it looks like It’s our initials So that’s how it looks like here and it’s from I believe an Etsy shop from jewelry everyday So I’ll go ahead and link that down below if you’re interested in getting a keychain for whoever you like and customizing it There’s another airplane coming guys. So bear with me.

I’m so sorry I really am like if the background noise is annoying or anything like that I am sorry, but there comes another plane the next gift That I got are concert tickets To one of his favorite singers, so it’s just printed out. It’s from Ticketmaster But I’m gonna find a creative way to gift it to him I’m not just gonna be like here, you know I’ll probably get a cute envelope or something. I don’t know I’ll figure it out but concert ticket guys if they love a specific artist or comedian or show tickets to see then that would be cool, right? Yeah There’s a never-ending herd of planes passing by up in here Okay, so let’s see the next gift I shall show you is Shoes So if your man is a shoe lover and he has a mess load of shoes I still I feel like I can guarantee you that he will still love a pair of shoes My man loves shoes and he’s been talking about these for the longest time.

So I’m like, you know what? I’m going to go on a hunt I’m going to figure out how I can get these pair of shoes because I guess they don’t I don’t know They don’t really sell them anymore and it’s hard to find the authentic ones but these are the shoes The Jordan infrared 6 I am sorry. If I did not say it in the correct order if I incorrectly said the name of the shoe, but These are the the shoes These are the bad boys man and he is a shoe lover for sure He has more shoes than me sorry babe, but it’s true and so I think that’s a great gift. I think he’ll love it and So that’s basically all the gifts that I can show you right now that I have But other ideas for you to think about and maybe you know You’d want to gift your loved ones in case those weren’t good you know in case, you know, it’s not your cup of tea So just uhh I have a question for you Ask yourself.

What does he like? Does he like sports? Does he like let’s say basketball Get him a duffle bags get him basketball shorts basketball shoes a Basketball, you know things like that and just put it all puts them all inside You can go ahead and get them tickets like like the concert tickets but tickets to a game You know Whoa, you can’t go wrong with that. Another gift idea would be get creative make a scrapbook grab a lot of pictures and then you know Make them look nice and cute write a story out of them.

Go ahead and customize a mug and put a picture of your guy of you guys or a view that you guys saw together or something that you guys cherished together Another idea would be engrave gifts an example would be a wallet So get a what a nice wallet and you can get it engraved You can add a wallet size picture inside of you guys Write a note behind the picture be like, I think that’s a neat idea But okay, that’s that’s another idea for you guys The last idea I would have for you is to I guess it goes hand in hand with getting creative but also getting artsy So if you like to draw if you like to paint or any of that sort you can go ahead and make him a painting of Whatever he might like so for instance last year for my boyfriend’s birthday I painted him a Picture of Nala and Simba because he likes The Lion King So that’s basically all the ideas I have for you guys today I do have other ideas So if you want more ideas just go ahead and send me a comment and I’ll go ahead and give you more If this was helpful to you, this is something like oh, you know what that it? Yeah, I’m gonna get him that or you know, that’s something yeah, I like that just like this video Let me know if this was helpful in any shape way or form like this video, comment down below, subscribe! If you want to see more videos and and not lose me, I feel like I always say that and I do But but I mean it subscribe but only if you wants you though And hit that notification Bell will ya? Yeah, cool.

But yeah, that’s all I have for you guys today I hope you guys like this video If you have any other suggestions of other videos, you would like to see go ahead and let me know in the comments again I will go ahead and link whatever I can in the description box and hopefully I can find everything If not, I’m sorry, but I’ll do the best I can Until next time until the next video. Bye guys